Go skydiving
Go bungee jumping
Go rappelling
Go spelunking
Get scuba diving license
Go ziplining
Run a marathon
Complete a triathlon
Summit a mountain
Drive a moped
Drive a motorcycle
Drive a Ferrari/Lamborghini
 Fly a plane
Drive a speedboat
Ride in a helicopter
Go dune driving
Go sandboarding
Learn to ski
Learn to snowboard (carve)
Learn to surf
Ice skate on a frozen lake
Learn to golf
Read all the Harry Potter books in Spanish
Become fluent in Spanish
Become fluent and literate in Chinese
Take an improv class
Take a bartending class, get licensed, and get a job.
Shoot a gun
Go on Survivor
Road trip across America
Ride a horse
Ride a camel
Ride an elephant
Swim with dolphins
Swim with sharks
Watch AFI’s Top 10 American films
Make my own wine
Brew my own beer
Milk a cow
See the world (all of Southeast Asia, China, S. Korea, Japan, all of Europe, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Russia, Istanbul, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, all of Central America)

Let me know if you want to join me in doing anything 🙂