1. Ring the bells in Gasson Tower and sign your name on one of them.
2. Write/draw on your walls by getting a giant sheet of white paper from EaglePrint for free.
3. Pee in the first stall of the women’s bathroom in the CTRC hallway. There’s so much feel-good graffiti in it you’ll feel like a goddess.
4. Eat with a Jesuit at St. Mary’s. Then go on the roof. It’s beautiful and the food is amazing.
5. Eat at the Player’s Club in Walsh. Their training night spreads are huge and soo good.
6. Get something from Beans, Creams, and Dreams.
7. Eat Che-Chi’s.
8. Eat the best sandwich in the world at Dough East Boston. It’s a trek and doesn’t really have anything to do with BC, but it’s worth it, I promise. You want The Vermonter.
9. Take Eagle Escort home from a party, even if it’s on-campus. Once you get in the real world, free cab rides are much harder to come by…
10. Haggle with the cab drivers at Res. They’ll drive you back to campus for $4.
11. Splash around in the Tree of Life fountain.
12. Go sledding off the roof of the Plex. (Make sure there’s at least three feet of snow on the ground or you might break some limbs..)
13. Get on Webmail.
14. Get retweeted by @BostonCollege.
15. Get your name in The Heights.
16. Become friends with a dining services worker. If Megan the Blazing Bowl lady remembers your name, you’re golden.
17. Rent an iPad for free from O’Neill.
18. Play music in the soundproof practice rooms on the 4th floor of Lyons.
19. Check out the amazing student art on the 4th floor of Devlin.
20. Do something fun (i.e. picnic) in Alumni Stadium when it’s totally empty. (If you go over Easter break or finals week this is pretty easy.)
21. Do something fun in Conte when it’s totally empty. (This is a little harder since it’s always locked.. You might have to sneak in though the athlete’s entrance by the Conte bus stop and go up the stairs to the left.)
22. Play basketball in the Power Gym in Conte. (Remember to bring your own ball.)
23. Play racquetball at the Plex.
24. Get a milkshake at Stuart.
25. Cut through the back of Hillside (behind the bathrooms) when it’s cold out.
26. Smoke shisha on the 66 lawn.
27. Get to know 1 or 2 of your profs really well because they will be useful. (And hopefully also because you genuinely find at least 1-2 of your profs really interesting people.)
28. Pull an all nighter studying and watch the sunrise in one of the penthouse lounges.
29. Pull an all nighter doing something fun.
30. Roll up to a club downtown in the Boston Party Trolley.
31. Become friends with a foreign exchange student. They’re rarer than they should be.
32. Travel abroad. Extra points if it’s not through a study abroad program.
33.  Go on a retreat. Extra points if it’s at BC’s Dover Retreat Center.
34. Perform on the Robsham stage. (one way: be in a big culture show.)
35. Win an intramural sport.
36. Run the Boston Marathon.
37. Baby steps first: run around the Res.
38. Reflect/take a nap in the Reflection Room in 110 Lake St on Brighton Campus. It’s really just a slightly creepy tiny room with a single armchair in the middle of it..
39.  Sneak into Stokes before it opens.
40. Go on the roof of Gasson. (how: climb out the window of the 3rd floor men’s bathroom.)
41. Throw a registered party.
42. Volunteer for the marathon or a different BAA event and get a free $100 Adidas marathon jacket.
43. Go on a service trip.
44. Go to at least one football, basketball, and hockey game. Extra points if you make it to a soccer or Ultimate Frisbee game.
45. Do something cool for cheap through BC to Boston. You’re paying for the cheapness through your student activities fee anyway.
46. Get to know Patrick Rombalski, VP of Student Affairs. He has open office hours every Friday and wants to meet you.
47. Find and take the secret passageway between Kostka and Gonzaga.
48. Find and take the secret passageway between Fulton and Gasson.
49. Be a leader of something you care about on campus.
50. Meet Father Leahy.